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Pricing & Intellectual Property Policies


Below are our basic pricing and intellectual property policies specifically designed for organizational clients. If you are an individual participant of our programs or a member of the Evolutionary Leadership Community, you can refer to the policies that apply to your specific program or, if applicable, the Operating Principles of the Evolutionary Leadership Community.

For organizational clients, unless otherwise agreed in writing, these policies guide our relationships with both pro bono and paid clients. You can download a PDF copy of the official document for your reference. If you are our client, this PDF copy will remain in effect until we notify you of policy updates.

Subsidized Client Engagements

As a social enterprise, we work hard to make our services accessible to organizational clients with different financial capacity. This is why we practice partial or full sponsorship of certain client projects as our in-kind contribution to long-term strategic relationships and/or the advancement of evolutionary work in service to a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world.

Except in few special occasions, our contractors get paid normal hourly rate for subsidized and financially sustainable projects alike. This is why our capacity to subsidize client engagements depends on the revenue generated through financially sustainable projects.

Financially Sustainable Client Relationships

Our capacity to support evolutionary work through radically accessible offers depends on financially sustainable relationships with clients who can afford to pay above our minimum hourly fee. 

To qualify as financially sustainable for us, a client relationship should ensure that we get paid at least $186 for every hour of client-facing time (when the client or client’s stakeholders can see us doing the work) given that all direct expenses such as travel, accommodation, supplies, etc. are either paid or promptly reimbursed by the client and that back-end time (such as preparation and follow-up work we do on our own) and idle time (such as travel when we don’t do any work but spend time that could have otherwise been used for work) do not exceed 2 hours for every hour of client-facing time. 

It is also our policy to request clients that our fees are not less than those of any other providers of comparable services hired by the client in the same or a similar context. To date, our actual fees have ranged from $186 to $1250 per hour of client-facing time. This policy nourishes our capacity to make our services accessible to a wide range of clients that work on building a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world. 

Intellectual Property

According to our Copyright Policy, by default, we keep ownership of materials that we provide or develop for our clients and reserve the right to use these materials in other settings unless specifically agreed otherwise (in writing). 

Some of our materials are licensed under the Creative Commons – Attribution – Share Alike license. Such materials can be independently used by the client in accordance with this license.

Workshops, educational programs, participatory processes, and other services we tailor for the client or design from scratch are our intellectual property unless specifically agreed otherwise (in writing). If the client wants to use such design solutions on their own, they must get our approval first.

Authorization of Independent Use

When we train the client or their agents to teach, facilitate, or perform other activities independently based on our original design, unless specifically agreed otherwise (in writing), we only certify the client or their agents to perform these activities within the context of one specific use case. For any application outside of the specific use case, an approval and likely an additional training is needed.

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